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Elasticpay helps you track your business expenditures and generates the payment forms needed in order to help you manage your expenses properly

What is Elasticpay?

Manage business expenses with ease
Elasticpay is an Expense Management Application built to help business owners manage their business expenditures.

Running a business is tough. Owners have to be aware of every bit of info happening within their operations. From running an inventory, making sure suppliers are paid, keeping track of profit margins, collection of payments to just about anything and everything that is related to the bloodline of the business being established. Because owners can not do it all, delegation and the use of tools that can help ease your operations in any way it can is highly recommended to let you, as an owner, focus your time and effort into other matters that matter more.

Here is where Elasticpay comes in. Elasticpay is an information system, a tool, an application that helps you, the owner, keep track of all your business expenses. It keeps track of who your suppliers are, transaction history with your business and payments. Simply put, this is Elasticpay:

  • Keep track of who your suppliers are
  • Create invoices for proper payment processing
  • Control whether their transaction is valid by approving and disapproving invoices and payments
  • Create payment forms such as cash and check vouchers
  • Record the supplier transaction history for stock behavior analysis
  • Have total control over disbursements

Full of features, Less the hassle

Enjoy the features of Elasticpay and manage your business expenses like an expert

On Cloud

Create an account on our online instance and access the system anytime, anywhere

On Premise

Don't have a reliable internet connection? We can install the application in your desktop so it works even when you're offline

Check and Voucher Printing

Once payment is issued, the application can print on corresponding Philippine bank checks as you wish

Security Approval

Each disbursement entered into the system goes through a series of user approvals depending on the specific user role assigned

Expense Reports

The system generates accurate and relevant expense reports needed by most businesses. Have a different requirement? Let us know and we can customize the reports for you

Professional Support

Support engineers are ready to assist you whether online or on-location. Eulap ensures product reliability and business continuity

The SECRET to financial security is not to have more money, but having MORE CONTROL over the money we presently have.

Author: The Secret of Greatness

Simple and Flexible

Managing your business outlay is a must if we want it to succeed. Having a tool to help you manage your expenses not only cuts your unnecessary costs but also helps you keep up with the financial demands of your suppliers. Elasticpay is so simple to use and easily adapts to your business model to help you with this aspect. Check out the list of some of the reports the system generates to help you with your business expenses

Invoice Reports

Payment Register Reports

Supplier Account History Report

Supplier Balances Report

Invoice Aging Report

Check and Cash Voucher

AP History Report

Expense Report

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